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This week's Bulletin

Church of the Resurrection

All church activities have been cancelled until further notice.

All Masses have been suspended until after Easter. All Mass Intentions will be celebrated privately by our priests. Bishop Dewane has extended a dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass until further notice.

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Pope's Request 3/26/2020
At 1pm, Friday, March 27, Pope Francis invites everyone to join him for a moment of prayer from the Vatican. The faithful from around the world are stongly encouraged to participate spiritually live through any means possible. Click HERE to be brought to the Vatican News page.

Diocese of Venice Daily Mass
Daily Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Frank J. Dewane from the Catholic Center each day at 9:15 a.m. Click HERE to be brought to the Diocese of Venice Facebook page.

Roman Catholic Church
of the Diocese of Venice

Convinced that Jesus communicates a new life to those who believe in Him, and that He was raised from the dead in order that we might live, we are united to the risen Lord as a people born anew to a life of hope.

Called together as a people of faith, we believe that the Father who raised Jesus from the dead will also raise us, and that we will continue to bear witness to the fact that we are liberated from sin.

As a Resurrection people we are committed to victory over sin through charity, loving God above all else, each other and ourselves.

Pastor: Rev. Msgr. Stephen E. McNamara, V.G., V.F.
Parochial Vicars: Fr. Oliver Toner
Deacons: Michael Esper, Dr. David Reardon
Business Manager: Melanie Arnieri
Co-Directors of Faith Formation: Deanna Latell, M.A., Joanne MacPeek, M.A.
Youth Ministry Director: Vikki Melchiorre
Organist: Connie Kish

Safe Environment Information
As minors and vulnerable adults participate in activities within or sponsored by our diocese, it is our commitment to provide an environment which is safe and nurturing. Therefore, the mission of the Safe Environment Program is:
1. To provide required education for all employees (clergy, religious and laity), those volunteers and others regularly involved with minors, and parents, as to the issue of abuse of children including the detection, prevention and reporting of child abuse.
2. To provide required training programs for children and young people in our Catholic schools and religious education programs. This includes age appropriate materials pertaining to personal safety and information about improper touching and relationships. Children are not expected to be fully knowledgeable about child abuse or of the laws governing care of children but they need to know when they should seek assistance from a trusted adult.
3. To thoroughly screen and evaluate the background of all diocesan employees – clergy, religious and laity – and those volunteers who work with children and young people.
4. To hold those who minister in the name of the Church of Resurrection – all church employees (clergy, religious and laity) and those volunteers who work with children and young people – to Christ-centered and professional codes of conduct.
The Safe Environment Program consists of two core components:Training and Awareness + Background Checking and Fingerprinting

Mass Times

All Masses are suspended


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