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Faith Formation in Your Home

Parent’s Role in Faith Formation

When parents have chosen Baptism in the Catholic Church for their children, they have made a commitment to raise their children Catholic. Faith Formation and Formation begins in the home. We are here to help and to support you in your role as your child’s first catechist. As we have conducted our Faith Formation classes through the years, we have observed areas that the children often need assistance in their learning that we cannot provide. Here are some ideas that may be helpful to you in encouraging your child's growth in knowledge and participation in the life of the church.

How do you live a more faith-filled family life?

Here are some simple ideas of things to do @ Home:

  • Have a prayer space/ little altar in your house
  • Say daily meal time and bed time prayers
  • Have faith filled conversation around the dinner table: ask questions like "How did you see God working today?"; "What are some of your God sightings from your day?"; "Who represented Jesus for you today?".
  • Read the Bible together
  • Reflect on the Gospels: see the "Mass Meditation" age appropriate questions for each week
  • Celebrate the liturgical seasons
  • Honor and respect bodies because we are all temples for the Holy Spirit

Learning Prayers

Youngsters in the early grades often struggle to learn their prayers. There isn't time to spend on memorization in the parish classes, and we know that you, too, are pressed for time. Here is a page of prayers that includes the prayers children are supposed to know before they make their first confession and receive the Holy Eucharist for the first time.

It contains some more prayers that will enrich your children's spiritual life: the Apostles Creed, Grace Before Meals, Guardian Angel Prayer, the Memorare and the Morning Offering. It also tells how to pray the Rosary, with a list of all the mysteries. There is a link to the page in the menu at the top of this and every Faith Formation page.

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