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Sacramental Preparation Meetings


First Eucharist and First Reconciliation take place in 2nd grade or older after two years participation in Faith Formation. Confirmation takes place in 10th Grade and older. Preparation requires two consecutive years of classes/youth ministry before the sacrament.

All families with children of Sacramental age must register for Sacramental Preparation. Costs for only First Communion/First Reconciliation is $25.00. Costs for Confirmation Retreat and Robes is $100.00 payable at the time of retreat. This also includes kids who attend the county Catholic Schools: St. Francis Xavier and Bishop Verot.


Classes will be arranged on an individual’s needs. If you missed registration, please contact us for an appointment (482-6883). Parents will participate with their children.

First Reconciliation photo


The Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion may be received beginning with the age of reason during 2nd Grade. All students who wish to receive these sacraments must be enrolled and attending Faith Formation classes two years prior to receiving the sacraments. Sacramental Preparation Classes are additional required classes.

First Eucharist photo

PRAYERS Youngsters in the early grades often struggle to learn their prayers. There isn't enough time to spend on memorization in the parish classes. If you would like to help your child learn his/her first prayers, see the Prayers page on this website; there is a link to the Prayers page in the menu at the top of each Faith Formation webpage. The Act of Contrition is probably not the same as the one you learned.


In a letter to all pastors, Bishop Dewane has said that, “Preparation for reception of confirmation will be a two year process, beginning in grade 9, culminating in the reception of the sacrament at the end of grade 10. First Eucharist will continue to be received at the end of 2nd grade. This will be the policy for Confirmation and First Communion in all the Parishes, Chapels and Missions of the Diocese of Venice and is keeping with the practices of the other six dioceses throughout the province.”

Thus, ALL High School Confirmation candidates must be registered and attending Sunday evening youth group two years prior to receiving the sacrament. Registration is now open.

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