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Children's Faith Formation News

Our parish is committed to teaching the tenets of the Catholic Faith to adults and to children of all ages, not only through formal religion classes held weekly in the school of Religion, but also through participation in Sunday Mass, The Sacraments, Liturgical Celebrations, Missions, Youth Group Activities and Adult Education opportunities.

We are here to support your family's faith formation!

Joanne MacPeek
Deanna Latell
Coordinators of Faith Formation

Pictures and news from Children's Faith Formation classes

Sacramental Preparation
First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation
Sacramental Preparation is a two year preparation period. Faith Formation is a life-long 
journey; in order for a child to receive God’s graces through the sacraments he or she needs 
to be enrolled in Faith Formation or Youth Ministry for at least two years.
♦	1st Grade students need to be actively attending a Faith Formation Program to 
receive the Eucharist in the 2nd Grade
♦	9th Grade students need to be an active member of Resurrection Youth Ministry to be 
Confirmed in 10th grade
Come to the Parish Center for a registration form to pay the reduced rate fee

We hope that it is easy to find the information you need on the parish Faith Formation program. More information on the program for younger children can be found on the Kindergarden thru Grade 5 page. Basic information on the program for middle and high school students is found in this section but the Youth Ministry pages have more detail.

You may find it useful to check this News page from time to time; it will give you detail on near term events.

You, the parent, are the first and most important of your children's teachers, especially when it comes to your religion. The At Home page contains some ideas that may be helpful to you in that role.

All of the prayers that children should know before receiving their First Communion are given on the Prayers page, together with other prayers commonly said by Catholics.

The buttons just under the "Faith Formation" banner above will take you to each of these pages.

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