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Get to Know R.Y.M.'S Core Team

Vikki Melchiorre, Youth Ministry Coordinator ~
How wonderful it is that I have been blessed with this calling! Our work is never done and our learning is an adventurous faith-filled journey.

Debbie Brent ~
This will be my fourth year with our Youth Ministry. I feel fortunate to be part of this team. I came into the program last year not sure with what to expect. I quickly learned that being with the kids as we discussed life’s challenges, God’s direction in life for us all, and how we can grow together to form lasting impressions on the youth of our community was one of the most important things I could help with. I look forward to an amazing year!

Gregory Capellan ~
I am honored to be volunteering with the Resurrection Youth Ministry. This is my third year working with our wonderful parish. I also enjoy managing a local coffee franchise and studying theology at Saint Leo University.

Ruby Garcia ~
Helping out with youth group makes me feel closer to my faith and shows my daughter that you should be involved as a family. I have also met a very nice group of people I would have never known. I look forward to Sunday evenings.

Michelle Westley ~

Tiffany Kane ~

Dee Stemie ~

Suzi Wiedinger ~

Erin Parsons ~

Jackie Rivera ~

Join our Core Team…

There is no amount of time that is too small, whether you can commit weekly, or only for a special event. Whether you enjoy singing or leading the teens, or if you wish to quietly take part without the limelight – there is surely a place for everyone. I am a firm believer that many hands make light work, and the more the merrier!! If you feel that God is calling you to be a part of “the Team” remember that God qualifies all those who are called! Stop in at the Parish Center, or call Vikki Melchiorre at 239-481-5144 for more info.

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